Beywheelz All New Episodes

BeyWheelz was said to be formed from a star fragment, just like its predecessor, Beyblade: Metal Fury. A BeyWheel is just like a Beyblade, only the toy has a slightly thicker outermost wheel and it is made to spin on its side. In the anime series there are three types of battling. One type is a Crash Battle. Two players battle in a head-to-head match and one person is the victor. Another type is a Race Battle. Two tops engage in a race to see who is the fastest. The last type is a Stunt Battle. Players see who will win by tops clashing with no mercy and only one will be left standing.

Episode 1- New Generation! NEW
The Beywheelz world championship final match takes place between Sho Tenma and Jin Ryu. With encouragement from the number 3 wheeler, Leon Fierce, Sho defeats Jin to become the number 1 wheeler. It is revealed that all three are members of Team Estrella, and that their team has dominated the world championship for the last few years. Meanwhile a mysterious group watches from the shadows and decide that it is now time to reveal themselves to the world. 

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