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Tired of constantly having nightmares, Nobita ask for Doraemon to bring a Dream Machine which would allow Nobita to dream of anything he wants. After an attempt to have a dream about the fall of Atlantis fails, he chooses a dream where he is in a fantasy world with an inspiration from The Three Musketeers.Doraemon disagrees and gives him a lecture which makes Nobita angry and he runs away from the home.Doraemon searches him and promises him to let him watch the dream of The Three Musketeers.Doraemon sends him to the dream.At the start of the dream he meets a fairy who brings him to the attacked city.Enemies start firing at Nobita,only to be saved by fairy.She cut of the piece of moon,causing Nobita to blow away.When he gets up he finds him self at the forest and one of the Sherogani swordsman namely Suneo makes him his slave.On the way,Nobita helps the baby bear to get out of trap.While moving through the jungle Nobita is attacked by another swordsman Gian.In order to save him Suneo fights with Gian,which he loses and he and Nobita have to retreat.Both of the swordsman moves to inner forest in order to find the Sherogani sword and suit.Both swordsman climb over the sky- touching tree to get the sword but Nobita luckily finds the blasted moon and with its help,he reaches to the top of tree and gets the sword.In this way he becomes another swordsman.At the same time Nobita's mother comes and wakes him.In the school,he found that due to the dream Gian and Suneo are tired due to dream.At night Nobita asks Doraemon to add his friends to his dream.So he puts an antenna to the heads of his sleeping friends.When the dream starts,Nobita get shocked to see Doraemon in his dream too.Now Gian and Suneo also become the part of his dream.All the friends moves in forest in order to save the attacked city.Abruptly,they got attacked by a bear,only to be saved by baby bear who tells the bear that Nobita saved him from the trap.The bear promised the group to take them to cave of dragon. On the other hand,princess Shizuka disagrees her father's idea to marry the person who will defeat the evil king.She runs away from the castle,rides over the break which takes her away. In the forest,the bear leads the group to the cave to dragon,but due to the stream of water Nobita and Doraemon get separate with the rest of them.Gian and Suneo continue to move.Suddenly the dragon appears and turn them into stones with his breath-fire. Nobita and Doraemon meet with Shizuka.All of them got covered in sand due to falling of sand.Doraemon suggests that in this form dragon can not identify them.So they moves to inner of dragon's cave.Nobita screamed to see the Gian and Suneo in stoned form.Dragon hears it and attack Nobita with his fire,but he protect himself from his sword.He cuts the dragon's mustaches with sword,causing the dragon to faint.When he was at the edge to finish the dragon,he stops and gets away.All of them agreed with Nobita.Dragon regains conscious,he tells Nobita that he does not want to turn any one into stone,he just want to protect himself.He let them bath in his perspiration which will grant him one more time to live.He also turns Gian and Suneo into normal humans. Then they move toward the attacked city.The city was empty.They found the army men at the castle.All of them plan to destroy the enemy's army by water as they were made of sand.So all of the army men got dissolved in water.The evil king gets furious at that.He decides to fight with Nobita himself.So he finishes Nobita one time.The other time he tries to finish him,Nobita and Doraemon get awake by mother,causing the dream to stop. Doraemon and Nobita decide to finish the dream.He removes the antenna from all of his friends except for Shizuka who was bathing.At night when Nobita and Doraemon were going to sleep,the fairy from the start of dream came and take them to the dream again.This time still fighting with king.King finishes the Shizuka one time as he does not know that she can regain life one more time.Nobita and king continue to fight each other.Nobita keeps the edge of sword toward the king.At the same time Shizuka uses big light on the sword which moves across the body of evil king,causing him to die.The movie ends with princess Shizuka agreeing to marry with Nobita.

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